Monday, October 31, 2011

Simple Rules

Some things seem so obvious, but then again, I guess not....

That aside, my husband went on a search for a lost 3 year old child and the search team came across this.....

Yup...  That's a bear track.  That's why I am not part of Search and Rescue.  I will go if someone is lost at the mall parking lot.  So far I have not been called.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New News!

I haven't been posting in a while, just plain down in the dumps....  The GJA is lame and Keith's horse Tillie is lame as well.  Might as well call the ranch "Lame Acres".  Anyway, I found a new horse for Keith, since we aren't sure what the heck is wrong with Tillie.  X Rays, were inconlsusive, meaning it cost me $300.00 to tell me the horse is lame and we don't know why. I knew that before the $300.00. Next option is an MRI to the tune of $1400.00.   Chicken Poop!  So, until we decide what to do, I found Hubbby a new 2 year old.
So, this is "Shasta".  Yep, we bought him in Shasta.  He is a 2 year old.  Remember, my husband is 6 foot 3 inches tall.  This is a big colt.  Roping horse breeding and still a stud.  Gelding bus arrives next Tuesday.
Meanwhile, The GJA is lame in his hock and the vet blocked it as high as she could go and, yep, you guessed it....  still lame....  So, he is just plain on stall rest to see if it helps...
Well, at least the hubby is having fun.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slip N Slide 2011!!!

Whew!  We made it!  Slip N Slide 2011 is finally over.  It turned into a 2 1/2 day party this time. 
The theme for this year was "California Surfin'".  We had some great decorations.
We had the surf shack arch with surfboards.

At the other gate to the pool we had the tin arch.

We had the woody and beach fencing.

The bank building is covering up the cinder block wall that hides the pool pump.  Yeah, I know, it's not beachy, but it went along with the outhouse.  I just may be working on my own little western scene!
These ladies had birthdays that we honored, along with our friend Karen and Vaquero Girl.  They said they wouldn't wear swimsuits to the party so I just had to prove them wrong.  All the birthday girls got a bikini!
Carol loved hers so much that she wore it all day.  Even bull riding!  You go girl!

Here is the Slip N Slide in action.  I think we are all just a little left of being really nuts.
Food was great, friends were a blast.
This party is not possible without the help of our friends that come to help set up and then stay and help break it down and clean up.
Thanks to all who make it possible.
We love ya!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gettin' Ready For Slip N Slide 2011!

It's raining today....  Dumping is a better word.  So I thought I would work on the decorations.  I think they were written in Chinese, and then rewritten in english....  Not so much fun..

Anyway here are a couple of the semi finished decorations

The Tin Arch has some other signs that go on it and as you might guess, the other requires faces in the holes.  There are other arches, cars and surfboards, just wait....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Outhouse Is Finished!!!

Well, we did it!  The outhouse is finished, and just in time for us to get the place ready for the annual
Slip N Slide Party!!!

We still need window coverings and have to hang the paper towel holder, oh and some touch up paint, but I am calling this puppy done!!!

Now, on to the slip n slide stuff!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Beautiful Day For A Cattle Drive!

We went out to help our friends gather their cattle to move to their summer pasture.  It was a picture perfect day.  The weather was fantastic and the company even better.
Recently, I brought my 17 year old mare out of retirement for a very good friend to use.
They are getting along just like peas and carrots.  After the first week my friend called me and told me that she has just about worn the hair off the mare from going out and petting her.  The mare, "Kitty"  is a total carrot slut, and as a result I was able to teach her a nice repertoire of tricks.  Of course my friend Carol liked that too.  Anyway, I got a chance to ride with her today and gather cattle, one of my favorite things to do in good weather.  I rode Kitty's daughter, Wednesday.

After the gathering, we went for a really nice trail ride.  It was Wednesdays first trail ride ever and she did pretty darn good.  I don't know however, why when we have creeks and ponds all over here that she was wigged out about crossing them here.  Oh well, my fault really for not riding her near enough.  I will say that I was happy to see that she is a bit of a billy goat, and sure footed.

Hope you all are having just as much fun!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hunter Under Saddle AQHA

Just so you know, I love the comments about how to show, but for those of you that don't know
AQHA HUS is VERY different from ENGLISH shows.
Here is a video of a HUS class for AQHA.

Heads are very low.  Not that I like it, but, that is how it is.  It kind of sucks really.  I only used this video because it showed the whole class.  Long, and LOW head.  Yep, I don't agree, but if you want to show and place.... you do the math.

Anyway, William Is NOT going english.  Reining, Trail, and Western Riding.  Yippee!
No more stretch pants and tight boots!!!
The GJA is coming home for a while and going to get out on the trails and get a trip around the trail obstacles in the arena.
Now, if it would just get to summer....

Yippee! Blogger is Fixed!

Thank goodness they finally fixed Blogger!  I haven't been able to log in for a week.  Anyway it's all good now.

I had a great time yesterday and part of today.  My good friend Vaquerogirl came and spent the night.  We had a shopping day at, where else, Tractor Supply.  Then we went for Mexican food.

It just can't get better than that.
This morning we shopped for horses on 
After we decided we were too broke for the horses we liked, we went down to the barn and rode Annie and William.  William came home from the trainers with a mystery lameness that went away pretty quick on its own.  Then the EHV-1 broke out so he ended up staying home.  I think he can go back in a week.
Anyway here he is loping some circles

I think he is going to be a good show pony!
So, all in all it was a good time except for the craptastic weather.
As I write this, its raining.... again....  At least I am not at a horse show.
Here is his first day trying trail obstacles.  He was pretty good!
So, even with the weather it was a fun couple of day thanks to my buddy Vaquerogirl!
I'm not sure what we have done to anger the weather gods, but we just may have to find a virgin to sacrafice!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogger Trouble?

I have had a heck of a time trying to get to my blog dashboard.  Something is amiss at the Blogger headquarters.
Finally I used Google Chrome and was access my account.  From what I read, LOTS of folks are locked out of their accounts and they can't even comment on other blogs.  I hope they get this figured out soon.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Outhouse Update

My favorite handyman/husband has made huge progress on the "outhouse".
He got out the trusty sprayer and applied the rustic brown stain.  He worked last week putting all the batts and trim up.
After he gets the cedar shakes on the roof the next step is to put in the septic tank and leach lines.  And, that means bringing in the backhoe again.  No telling just how much of a mess will be left when he is done.
I'll keep ya posted!  

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Storys.

Lucy and the new baby!
Got milk?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Horse Show Photos

Thanks California Cowgirl!  If it wasn't for her there would be no other photos than the final win photo.
She has one of those handy Droid phones.
It was my birthday, and no birthday is complete without a hat!
Thanks girls, this one was way cool!

On this day, he was calm and cool, until the mule came by!
Whew, I need a nap.
And, the buckle!

With all the bad weather, he earned this buckle!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Horse Show Results

What an experience!  It rained, wind blew, it was cold, and I'm not sure but I think women were screaming and some babies were crying.  Oh, no... that was me.  Well, anyway California Cowgirl, Lil Mama and I survived Gold N Grand 2011.  And, The GJA won a new shiney buckle!!  How cool is that!  Lil Mama and Bob came home with a new buckle as well.  C. Cowgirls pony Desi was naughty.  No buckle.  I didn't get any pictures during the show, but I am sure some will surface from others in a few days.
Yep, feeling pretty good about The GJA today.  Top 5 in Hunter Under Saddle Open.
Now, Penny Pinscher and I are going to put up our feet and relax!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Holy Rising Creek Batman!

Well, here we are.  Stuck most of the day in a stall with the wind blowing hurricane force and dumping rain.  Oh, and it was freezing cold.
Did I mention raining?
The creek overflowed into the RV campground.  Not looking good.
To the front of this trailer is the road, or where is was.  Just past that is the creek that  apparently was too full.  These folks were going to be surprised when they get back from the barn.

I bet they did not get the memo about the required dingy to return home.

Floating garbage cans and jump standards were floating around.

Hmmmm.  And why are California Cowgirl, Lil Mama and I here?

Because well behaved women rarely make history...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Countdown To The Swim Meet, I Mean Horse Show...

Tomorrow is the day we leave for the Gold N Grand horse show.  I can hardly wait...(Sarcasm oozing from every pore)  The weather is
just miserable, rain and wind.  And, the weather report shows, you guessed it, more rain.. The show management has had to change up the whole show schedule to get us in out of the rain to show.  They are going to try to run all the classes in 2 indoor arenas.  As a result, it looks like we will only be showing 2 days instead of 3.  One of the days will be double judged.  We show around 8:30 a.m. and I am thinking that I will have to get up around 4:00 a.m. to get fed, lunged, groomed, tail in, saddled, dressed, warmed up and ready to show.  Stay tuned, California Cowgirl , Mommy In Spurs and I are in for the experience of our lives!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Were Back!!!

What a long show.  The weather was either really nice or awful.  No in betweens. The first day we were there, the horse were just plain NUTS!  Fortunately,the next day the weather chose to be nice and the ponies settled down to normal.
The first day we showed, we were the last of the day, finishing up around 6:00 p.m.
Good news is that day the GJA and I did pretty good.  We got a 4th, and a 6th in the Novice Am HUS and it was a pretty big class.  He was pretty darn good.  Then, on Sunday, the weather was horrid.  The wind blew and by the time we were to show, it was raining.  Oh, yippee...   They moved us into the small covered arena, and that was o.k., the class size had dwindled down.  A bunch of people decided to bail out early.  In the green the GJA got a couple of 2nds and then in the Novice Am, we got a 2nd and 3rd.
It was a good practice run, since we will be there again weekend after next.  For now, I am glad to be home!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Duck and Cover! Grandma is in Charge!

As of tomorrow, Grandma is in charge!  Penny and I are leaving for a 4 day show.  It will be my
first time hauling the big trailer by myself....  Just so you know, I am leaving around 9: 00 A.M.  My advice
to you is "GET OFF THE ROAD".  The GJA is still with Camp Jacq, so she will be bringing him to the show.  That's a new experience.  I just show up with my stuff, dog and party supplies.  HMMM.
I could get used to this!
Stay tuned!  Husband said it best, "Trailer is insured"...
I have been kind of wanting one with a slide out.
Wish us luck!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Building Photos!!

It's getting there!!!

How cute is this!!!!

HMMMMM... It's Raining Again...

Remeber when I thought it was great that Hubby went back to work?
Rethinking that now... I have to feed the cows and it's RAINING..
I hate the rain.
Everything makes me cranky.  Even Penny.

She wanted cookies, not breakfast.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What A Morning

After six long, and I mean REALLY long months, Keith went back to work.  This was my first
morning all by myself at the ranch.  It was absolutely a nightmare.  First I get up and start to call
Keith to say good morning only to find the phone is out.  O.K., fine...  I'll use the cell phone.
I have my morning coffee with Penny Pinscher and get ready to go out and feed.  I checked the phone in the
barn just in case the cat knocked it off the hook.  No such luck.  Oh, well.  The morning was just beautiful.  It was pretty warm considering, and the sun shining brightly.  Ahhh, nice to be back to normal.  I feed the horses and get the ATV hooked up with the hay trailer and head off to feed the cows.  There aren't any new calves and everyone it heading up to get some hay.  Then, I notice #8  is all hunched up.  Uh oh...
Then I see she has 1 foot out her back end.  Not a good sign..  Great...  Keith isn't gone even 24 hours and the phones are out and were gonna have to pull a calf....  My new happy pills aren't working this morning.
Anyway, #8 proceeds to eat her breakfast.  Another not so good sign...  Call Keith.  He calls for reinforcements.   #8 is up and down a few times in between bites of breakfast.  Then,after about a half an hour, I see 2 feet!  All right!
This is looking up.  After she finished breakfast she walked a few circles, plopped down and started to
push in earnest and squeezed out a nice black calf.  I held my breath.  She just laid there and I couldn't see
if the calf was moving.  Then, I saw the calf shake it's head.  Thank God, calf is OK.  Crisis averted.  I guess # 8  just really wanted her breakfast this morning.
Now, back to the house to see what the heck is up with the phone...
I think I miss Keith already.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little More Construction

O.K., where did I leave off?  Anyway, here is just a bit more construction footage.

And, just a bit more!

Nope, it's not by the barn.....

You will have to think about it for a while..
And , here is this mornings baby.  Haven't checked to see if it's a boy or girl.
More photos later!

Guessing Game.

Here we go again!  You saw the foundation photo.

Now for the next steps.

Hmmmmm.   Looks to be a wall.....

More to come later!  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

WHOO HOO!! 'Nuther New Baby!

Really feeling spring now!!!  'Nuther new baby!  Just born..

Cute little thing is still wet!  It's a heifer.

Here she is a few hours later, our buddy Tate checking her out.
It's a beautiful sunny day.  Cold, but the sun shining makes up for that.

Tate is one of the cutest kids I know.

And, it is a great day to play with Penny and the stock whip!

Here is a photo of the finished barn bathroom.  It even has a tile floor!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sure Sign Of Spring!

We got up this morning to two new babies!  Poor things, born on what was
almost the coldest night of the year!  At least it didn't rain, or snow for that matter.
Here they are!  Both bull calves.  This is Sophia and her new baby boy.


Becky was not ready for the photo shoot.  Maybe tomorrow....

The girls most likely had the babies early this morning, these photos were taken late in the

This is Lucy, one of my favorites.

And, Dorothy.  The loud mouth.

Hopefully we will have some more babies in the next couple of days!