Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 Outta 3!

O.K.  Things are looking up!  Both lame horses are much better but the hotwalker is still broken.  The good husband took it apart and I took the broken part to the UPS store for them to pack and ship.  Hopefully said broken part will be back in around a week.  Boy, you just don't know how much you rely on something until it's down and out. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What Else?

What else, you ask?  It's been one of those weeks.  Annie, my paint mare, did a Shamu imitation in the pasture.  She was galloping full tilt, tripped and fell, sliding across the green grass.  Ouch...  Couple of days later.... you guessed it... lame.  Then the hotwalker broke.  Hubby had a long explanation about splines and whatchamacallits, but end result is that it does not work.  Team sorting last night.  Great!  I'll just take Sparkey, my buckskin.  Drum roll please.....  He's lame in a back leg.  Don't know what he did, little warm and puffy, not life threatening.  I hope that the rule of 3's is true and we are done.

Today, off to Reno so see hubby's son and go out to lunch.  Yippee!  I hope....

Tune in later for more at "Broken Acres"....