Friday, March 4, 2011

What A Morning

After six long, and I mean REALLY long months, Keith went back to work.  This was my first
morning all by myself at the ranch.  It was absolutely a nightmare.  First I get up and start to call
Keith to say good morning only to find the phone is out.  O.K., fine...  I'll use the cell phone.
I have my morning coffee with Penny Pinscher and get ready to go out and feed.  I checked the phone in the
barn just in case the cat knocked it off the hook.  No such luck.  Oh, well.  The morning was just beautiful.  It was pretty warm considering, and the sun shining brightly.  Ahhh, nice to be back to normal.  I feed the horses and get the ATV hooked up with the hay trailer and head off to feed the cows.  There aren't any new calves and everyone it heading up to get some hay.  Then, I notice #8  is all hunched up.  Uh oh...
Then I see she has 1 foot out her back end.  Not a good sign..  Great...  Keith isn't gone even 24 hours and the phones are out and were gonna have to pull a calf....  My new happy pills aren't working this morning.
Anyway, #8 proceeds to eat her breakfast.  Another not so good sign...  Call Keith.  He calls for reinforcements.   #8 is up and down a few times in between bites of breakfast.  Then,after about a half an hour, I see 2 feet!  All right!
This is looking up.  After she finished breakfast she walked a few circles, plopped down and started to
push in earnest and squeezed out a nice black calf.  I held my breath.  She just laid there and I couldn't see
if the calf was moving.  Then, I saw the calf shake it's head.  Thank God, calf is OK.  Crisis averted.  I guess # 8  just really wanted her breakfast this morning.
Now, back to the house to see what the heck is up with the phone...
I think I miss Keith already.


Dreaming said...

I'd say #8 is one smart cow. She knows she won't have a quiet, undisturbed breakfast for a while! Glad everything turned out OK!

Tj and Mark said...

I could never have eaten breakfast in labor. Cows crack me up. They are so stoic.LOL Glad it all worked out well.

Maia said...

Oh what a crazy morning. I don't know what I would do. Keep on, keeping on and let us know about the wild west kiki hut.

Vaquerogirl said...

Oh I was wondiering how you were faring this morning! Now I know! Those cows always wait for the most oppertune times to do something really stupid!