Thursday, March 24, 2011

Holy Rising Creek Batman!

Well, here we are.  Stuck most of the day in a stall with the wind blowing hurricane force and dumping rain.  Oh, and it was freezing cold.
Did I mention raining?
The creek overflowed into the RV campground.  Not looking good.
To the front of this trailer is the road, or where is was.  Just past that is the creek that  apparently was too full.  These folks were going to be surprised when they get back from the barn.

I bet they did not get the memo about the required dingy to return home.

Floating garbage cans and jump standards were floating around.

Hmmmm.  And why are California Cowgirl, Lil Mama and I here?

Because well behaved women rarely make history...


Mikey said...

Oh my goodness!! Lol, I'd be moving to higher ground, quick like. I hope it gets better.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh my, reminds me of my farm sometimes. Lots of flooding this year. It does look like a dingy and maybe even life jackets are in order there.