Sunday, March 27, 2011

Horse Show Results

What an experience!  It rained, wind blew, it was cold, and I'm not sure but I think women were screaming and some babies were crying.  Oh, no... that was me.  Well, anyway California Cowgirl, Lil Mama and I survived Gold N Grand 2011.  And, The GJA won a new shiney buckle!!  How cool is that!  Lil Mama and Bob came home with a new buckle as well.  C. Cowgirls pony Desi was naughty.  No buckle.  I didn't get any pictures during the show, but I am sure some will surface from others in a few days.
Yep, feeling pretty good about The GJA today.  Top 5 in Hunter Under Saddle Open.
Now, Penny Pinscher and I are going to put up our feet and relax!


Mikey said...

Congratulations!!! Super cool! Sounds like a heck of a show, from the reports and pics I've seen so far. I'm glad you all survived and did well :)

Maia said...

Congrats. I knew you were going to do it.

Dreaming said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you all had a lovely (well, maybe not) time! But, at least coming away with something makes the yucky part more bearable.