Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hunter Under Saddle AQHA

Just so you know, I love the comments about how to show, but for those of you that don't know
AQHA HUS is VERY different from ENGLISH shows.
Here is a video of a HUS class for AQHA.

Heads are very low.  Not that I like it, but, that is how it is.  It kind of sucks really.  I only used this video because it showed the whole class.  Long, and LOW head.  Yep, I don't agree, but if you want to show and place.... you do the math.

Anyway, William Is NOT going english.  Reining, Trail, and Western Riding.  Yippee!
No more stretch pants and tight boots!!!
The GJA is coming home for a while and going to get out on the trails and get a trip around the trail obstacles in the arena.
Now, if it would just get to summer....


Vaquerogirl said...

But you looked GOOD in those tights and Boots!!!

Tj and Mark said...

Those head sets are ridiculous. And I am with you on wanting summer. I had on thermals yesterday. Thermals!! and it is almost June.

Good luck on your show season.

Dreaming said...

Doc does this... but he is trying to evade the bit!! I tell folks he is practicing being a snow plow!
I think the horses look very unbalanced.
Thanks for sharing. Interesting to watch! (I haven't been to a show in ages)

Shirley said...

Thanks for stopping by and following mu blog! I'll have to check yours out- looks interesting.