Sunday, February 27, 2011

WHOO HOO!! 'Nuther New Baby!

Really feeling spring now!!!  'Nuther new baby!  Just born..

Cute little thing is still wet!  It's a heifer.

Here she is a few hours later, our buddy Tate checking her out.
It's a beautiful sunny day.  Cold, but the sun shining makes up for that.

Tate is one of the cutest kids I know.

And, it is a great day to play with Penny and the stock whip!

Here is a photo of the finished barn bathroom.  It even has a tile floor!



Maia said...

A new baby, a precious kid and a new bathroom. You're making me sick here.

Lil Mama said...

I think I know the CUTEST kid you know.
Love the new bathroom. Can't wait to use it. YEAH!!! No more porta potty.

Dreaming said...

Hmmm' can't decide which is better: a new calf or the tiled bathroom!!

Vaquerogirl said...

OH MY GOD!!! Love the bathroom! But you are going to have to either lower the mirror or add a shorter one!! ( we are all pee wees!)
The calves are too cute too!
Only 24 days!
I'm so excited!!