Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Must Love Cats: Klepto Kitty

Just had to share this, sorry about the ad in the beginning. One of our kitty girls was a thief when she was young. She tried stealing silver conchos for my saddle that had just arrived and were still in a little ziplok bag. She snatched 'em up and ran down the hall to stash them in the closet. I later found quite a few items that she had hidden there.


Dreaming said...

We also had a cat that carried things - she liked balled up socks the most, but she did drag my SIL's dress downstairs one time. We thought it was a maternal thing.
This video was a hoot - how funny!

Maia said...

I had a kitty that took everything that wasn't nailed down. Luckily, I knew where she stashed them, under the sofa. The first time I looked there I found the Christmas tree skirt, my underpants, a blusher brush and several earrings. She also was able to take every ornament off the tree and the lights and the garlands. I began to think that idle paws are the devil's workshop.

Vaquerogirl said...

I saw this on the news and thought of your kitties! What a funny bit!
How are you surviving the rain and wind?

Rising Rainbow said...

I saw this guy on the news. Couldn't believe it. And he is so funny as he kind of waddles around whatever he is dragging along.

Not sure what to think about silver conchos though. That would be an expensive hiest, guess then considering what bras cost, Dusty is into grand theft too, don't you think??