Friday, January 28, 2011

Red Bluff

It's that time of the year, The Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale.
No, we did not buy a horse or a bull for that matter.  We went to visit
with friends, eat and shop.

If you have never been, it's fun to watch.  There are 3 sections in the arena, one for dry work,
one with trail obstacles and the last one to work a cow.  All of the sale horses preview starting in
one pen and then after 90 seconds they move to the next, and then the next.

The next day some will go on to preview in roping and cutting.  If you were wanting to buy a horse
from a sale, at least you can see them in action.
After all the horse fun, there is the bull sale.  We didn't need one of those either.

I thought this guy was looking pretty happy.

Then, there is shopping!

And eating!

Yum!  Curley Fries!

And, what's cuter than a Boston Bull in sunglasses and chaps!

That Bill!  I told him that purse didn't go with those boots!
The sweetie bought the purse for his wife.

Was another fun day!


Vaquerogirl said...

Hey! Your eating curly fries without me!
That Boston looks like my friends little Boston- his name is Beans and they are R6 Leathers. Did you see them? That is my friend Jane and her hubby Dana!
No good grey gelding eh?
Gahhh!!!!! I'm missing all the good stuff!

Rising Rainbow said...

When I think of Red Bluff I think of a big Arab show. Guess I should have known they'd have other cool stuff. Looks like fun and we never get anything cool as that furniture at any horse sales I go to.

Lil Mama said...

Oh how fun. Next year I want to go too.

gtyyup said...

I wish I could have been there. A few of my friends were there with a vendor booth. Western artist Michelle Severe, author Andi Harmon with her Oregon's Living Legends book, and artist Callee Miller who does great western crafts. I was soooo jealous. Sounded like a great time...maybe some year I'll get to go~