Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's The New Year, Let's Get Going!

Well, here it is, 2011!  Horseshow dates are all ready stacking up on the calender.
Horses are starting to shed out and get fit.  We went to see William the other day, and
he is starting to come along nicely.  He is currently with David and Becky Hanson.  They have
an awesome slide show on their website.
How much fun does this look like?

Anyway here is William, he has the best lope!
Sorry David, I whacked your head off.

Meanwhile, just next door is the GJA.  How convenient is that!
I go and ride the GJA once a week and stop by to kiss the
spotted pony on the nose.  I won't be riding William for a few months yet.

The GJA's trot is getting much bigger!  Some days he is pretty good, but
we don't call him the Giant JackAss for nuthin,

But, ready or not, here we come.  Show season is about to start!


Rising Rainbow said...

Shedding?? Your horses are really shedding?? Mine are bundled up in their furriest winter coats and that hair is stuck tight. They'll be looking like yaks for show season.

It sounds like you're pretty excited to get this show season started. That's cool!

Vaquerogirl said...

William looks like he has a nice soft lope- I am so jelouse!
And BTW- Burbank? Really!!!
Again... Green is my color these days!!

Vaquerogirl said...

Wait a minute! I just re-read your blog- YOUR horses are SHEDDING! WHAT!??

Maia said...

Your horses are shedding, I think I'm going to be sick. Our east coast horses are still blanketed and fuzzy. I want to live where you do.