Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Whew!  We have been very busy here.  We went to Truckee, Ca. for a Search and Rescue training camp for 4 days. 

 My wonderful, gonna save someones lost butt, hubby is a member of the Sheriff's Posse.  I am not a member, but they allow guests for this event. The girls have asked if I wanted to belong to the Women's Posse, but, knowing full well that I hate the cold, heat, wind and rain, I didn't think it was for me so I politely declined.  I did however, volunteer to help with the sensory course by being a person in a chair.  Tough huh.. 
It was beautiful scenery and the weather couldn't have been better.
There was still snow in spots on the trail and the hills were full of BEARS.
I went out on a ride the first day there with the head of the ladies posse to plant some items for the
riders to locate in their mock search.  They had a couple different scenarios.  One was a lost hiker, and
another involved an injured person.
Hubby was on the search looking for the injured man.  Victim had a broken leg and so when he
was found, he had to be loaded up on one of the horses to be packed out. 
Henry was playing the part of injured guy and is a BIG guy!
Hubby's horse Tillie was picked to be the packer.
The team had to LIFT Henry up on to Tillie.  WHEW!  Not easy..
Tillie was a trooper.
They didn't have to bring him back, but did have to practice unloading him too.
Then back to camp to de-brief.
Oh, and have a beer with the dog

Now, we are if full party mode getting ready for the

2010 Slip N Slide Party!!!!

Stay tuned, it's the best party of the season!!


Maia said...

I like that sitting in the chair job. Sounds great to me. Can't wait for the details on the slip and slide party.

Lil Mama said...

I for one, CAN'T WAIT!!!

Vaquerogirl said...

Good girl Tilly. I posted picture of Keith and Tilly on the MHA website- under MHA members and their horses.
Looks so pretty up there! I was having a crowded time right close to your house right about then- and wishing I were in yur pool instead. Oh well- soon! Very soon!