Friday, July 9, 2010

The Day Before!

Tomorrow is the big day!
Lil Mama and TLC arrived with Mimi to check the pool
and slide.
The good news is that both pool and slide passed with flying
colors.  TLC made sure Penny Pinscher was in top form too.

Slide was working pretty good too

After all the inspections were done there was time to just relax and play.

Maybe I am a little bit partial, but isn't he just the cutest kid ever!

By the way, for you that know Vaquerogirl, it was her birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

Maia said...

Yes, TLC is too cute for words and I'm not prejudice. He's just precious. Oh yes, happy belated birthday vaquerogirl. How does it feel to be 23? :)

Have a great day. I know you will.