Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot Hot Hot and Did I Mention HOT!

Whew! It's been Hot here!  At least 100 degrees or above.  Today is supposed to
be cooler, in the 90's.  Yippee...
We do all we can do to keep the animals cool, aka irrigation water.
Rainbird sprinklers are high on the list for all our horses.  Then there is the list of swimmers,
Annie, Tillie and Miss Kitty that take to the pond.  Dogs are included in the swimmer
list as well.  Even Penny Pinscher loves the water.  Only ankle deep.

Just for fun, I did the personality quiz at http://www.horsepersonality.com/index.html
Scroll to the bottom and click on "take quiz".

I used Annie for the quiz, and she is a "Steady Eddie".
No shock there. She is my go to girl.  Always ready to work
with little attitude  involved.
Now just for fun, I think I will try it again and use the GJA as the subject...

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Maia said...

So your getting it too, but do you have high humidity, low barometric presssure and code red (translate: totaly unsafe air) That's been our summer. Ride, you can't. Train, you can't. The most you can do is sit under a tree and read books on training and think to yourself, soon it will be September.