Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whirlwind Trip!

Keith and I made the whirlwind round trip to the bay area, then to Reno and then home.  Why?
Because the oldest son's truck broke down and he had no way to get it back to Reno.
So, Dad handled it.

We took our 450 Ford and A good friends equipment trailer and winched it aboard

Hard work!

Younger brother Travis was around to help.

All done and after Penny's approval, we are ready to go

From here it was another 3 hours to Reno.
It was a good day for a road trip, sunny and beautiful.
Once we made it to Todd's job, (He is a mechanic at Audi)
we loosened up the chains and rolled it off.
Easy as pie.

Then we kissed the boy and we were off again!  We stopped and shopped
at Cabela's and then a steak dinner at one of the casinos.

2 1/2 hours later we made it home.
All for a grand total of 9 1/2 hours total  driving time.

Sometimes you just gotta help the kids.


Lil Mama said...

Wow! I am sure glad he got such a great truck. I think it's broke down most of the time he's had it. So much for mechanic school.
P.s. Missed you at GNG

Denisarita said...

It is largely his own fault. Chipped it and someother stuff to amp it up. Now he is paying the piper. I wish I could have made it to GNG, but you know how it goes!

Vaquerogirl said...

Oh what good parents! At least the day was sunny and bright- no snow and any time you get to shop at Cabela's is a good DAY!