Thursday, August 19, 2010

Men's Tribe Ride Recap

Well, Hubby got back from his Modoc Tribe Ride on Saturday and came
down to the horse show Sunday morning to help me and the GJA show.
Then he hooked up the trailer and loaded all our stuff from the tack stall.
Isn't he just the best!
Anyway, back to the ride. 

All the men, or should I say boys are practical jokers.
One friend of theirs asked them to put up his tent for him
because he was going to get there a little later.
They did.
Look closely and you can see that they thoughtfully added a rope
ladder for easy entry.
Yes indeed, Husband and Boris (of Boris and Doris)
Buck and John can be so very helpful.  Remember NOT to ask them for favors.

The ride itself is beautiful, as I see from photos, since NO women are allowed.

The snow capped mountain in the distance is
Mt. Shasta

Boris borrowed our good girl Julie for the ride.  His colt was lame a few days
before the ride, so we felt it was better to be
safe than sorry.  Turns out the colt was fine.

At the end, they have a playday rodeo.  Hubby and Boris are mugging
the bull calf to ranch brand.
Then, to Hubby's surprise, he was signed up for roping.
He isn't a roper.

Here he is on a borrowed horse.  His horse Tillie isn't a rope horse.
He did a pretty good job, unfortunately he didn't think to wear a glove.
He missed a dally and got a brutal rope burn

OUCH!  I bet he wears a glove next time...

Glad he is home and pretty much in one piece.


Borris said...

And I was told, "gloves are for pussys"

Maia said...

I just love this stuff, please keep on posting,

Vaquerogirl said...

NOPE! I think that gloves are for smart guys! That burn looks wicked! I'll bet it hurts! I'm glad they all got home in one piece!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

OH man! Yowch! A cowboy can't forget to wear his glove or he won't be able to rope anymore cows for a while.

A glove is just a very useful tool. Now....a mitten, that's a whole 'nother story. lol!

Looked like a great trip. Love the crazy sense of humor those guys have, too. I've heard of tree houses...but never tree tents. *giggle*