Monday, August 30, 2010

We Had A Day Off!

I can't believe it!  We had a real day off.  Our friends Bill and Carol Lynn have
a nifty party boat and invited the gang out for a lunch cruise.
We have lived here for over 10 years and have never been on the lake.
The weather was great, not too hot, which it can be this time of year.

It's not often that we ALL are relaxing on the same day!

Captain Bill.
This is the most laid back guy you will ever meet!  Super dry sense of humor.
While we were zippin around the lake, Carol Lynn asks Bill jokingly, "Hey, can ya jump
the dam?"  Bill says without cracking a smile, "Not all of it."

1st mate Carol Lynn.  These folks are also the people that bring us
team sorting at the posse arena.  On Saturdays they put on
the gymkhana.  Busy folks.

We cruised the houseboat mooring and all decided that this one was the coolest!
Check out the enclosed tube slide starting on the 3rd. deck!  And of course, a
spot for your jet ski.  We saw this as it was being built a couple
of years ago. Pretty awesome!

I thought these were just too cool!  They are floating campsites!
They have a dock on the other side for your boat and there is a
bathroom inside that little room.  Your tent goes up on top.
They also have floating restrooms all around this lake.
Who knew?  I gotta get out more often!

Carol Lynn and I are just chillin', enjoying the ride.

Now, stay tuned for your regularly scheduled program....
Back to my real life.


Maia said...

I am so jealous. What a fun time.

Vaquerogirl said...

Is that what those damn things are? I thought they were all party boats!

Looks like a Luv-ly day!
Liked that yacht type boat too- thats where I'd want to spend the day- on the third deck with a book, a cabin boy to refresh my Mai-tai and of course my BFF Deneserita!