Sunday, August 29, 2010

Search And Rescue Training

We had a SAR Training at our ranch yesterday and had a great turnout!
We had tons of obstacles and scary things.

Lots of these horses were young.

Checking out the small wooden bridge.


Rain Slicker

Rope gate.

Leaving and returning to the group, followed by some formation riding.

Water crossings!

Small Creek crossings.  You know how deceptively hard that they can be!

Then we had road flairs, the big soccer ball and the hanging car wash.
Everyone did great.

I still can't believe the turnout!

Thanks to Howard, and "Howard's Wife" aka Melodi!

Howard has brought a lot to the table with his mounted police training.

And as usual, Melodi keeps all the paperwork in perfect order!

Thanks to all who attended, and are interested in making the Sheriff's Posse
a safer and more efficient unit!


Mikey said...

That looks like a ton of fun. I just saw a local ad saying they are looking for SAR volunteers here. I'd SO like to get into this, but never enough time in the day...
Nice to see it here though. They really put those horses to the test!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awesome! Great pics, too! I love riding obstacles with my mare. So fun!

The creek crossing does look a little challenging because most horses are just tempted to jump over it. I'd like to try the soccer ball and the rope gate with my mare.


Tj and Mark said...

Our horses are used to little ribbons of water everywhere, so that part would be doable. The rest of them might be a bit harder. What I am really impressed with though is your covered arena. Wow. Very nice.

Vaquerogirl said...

I wanna do the car wash with Desi! Can I ... can I...huh?
Ehr- there IS a Hospital nearby isn't there?

Maia said...

This looks like so much fun and so wothwhile. I guess you guys in California know that I'm living vicariously through you.