Saturday, April 24, 2010

Show Results, Day 2

Boy, I'm tellin' ya, some days you just live right.  The GJA put his ADD on hold for the first 2 classes this morning.  He really tried to pay attention the WHOLE class.  Normally he is great for a few seconds and then it's "OOOO!  Shiney object!"  Anyway, we placed 5th in the walk-trot, good boy Sonny..  Then in HUS Green, again he was as good as possible for him and we once again placed 5th.  We weren't last.  There were people under us.  By now I am feeling pretty darn good about the whole thing.  Euphoria not to last long however.  Next class is novice Amateur.  GJA has a total meltdown.  He decides that he has cantered enough, throws his head up in the air, and breaks into an ugly trot.  I rattle his head down, put my leg on him to canter again and he fires out with his hind end.  Yep, THAT'S the GJA...  So after the class, we go to the warm up arena and have a come to Jesus meeting.  He sees the light.  Next class is Am. Select.  For you non horseshow folks it's the over 50 year old class.  Anyway, the bible class seems to work and he is good as gold.  We place 5th.  WE WERE"NT LAST!!!

Sorry, no photos.  The fab husband had to go to work, so it was just me, Penny , and the GJA.

New judge tomorrow.  YIPPEE!


Maia said...

Oh well done. There's nothing like a good old "come to Jesus meeting." I expect great things tomorrow.

Vaquerogirl said...

I love it!!
YOu guys are so brave a good going in those loping classes!
Of course mini meltdowns are to be expected sometimes, but it sounds like your CTJM worked!
Bible Class!!! Hahahahah!!!
I dug ditches and shoveled rock all morning...ugh! I am so tired and I have injured my wrist! Wishing I were there with you instead!
Help me find a job so I can go to the one in May!