Friday, April 23, 2010

Show Report!

It was a good day!  The GJA didn't buck, rear, shy or ANYTHING bad!  All in all, he did a really good job.  He showed improvement even since the show last Sunday.  We placed 5th. in walk-trot HUS, out of 14.  YIPPEE!  Then we did the cantering classes and placed 2nd. in Green HUS.  Don't get too excited... There were only 2 of us.  Anyway, then I placed 6th in the next class... once again hold the congrats, there were only 6 of us.  Next class he fell apart, wrong lead and just a dufuss.  All in all, he did some things really good for where he is in his training and I am happy with his performance.

Here is my happy home for 3 days.  My lovin' hubby was able to bring me here, set me up and help on the first day.  Then, he had to leave to go to work.  Now it's just Penny and me.  Oh ya, and the GJA.
The GJA napping in his stall.

There is a nice cafe.

And a Bar...YIPPEE!

Shopping!!!  Wish I was still doing western, the clothes are so much cooler!

This is Tish, she made all those beautiful tops! 

OOOOH!  I forgot about the pool.  Not so good this weekend, but later this season it will be a godsend.

Trail class.  I dunno, I get lost in the bathtub.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!


Vaquerogirl said...

OOHH! I so much want to be there with YOUUUU! Instead of here working,.....!!!
I'm just so proud of you for going though! I check back with you again tomorrow for the update!

Maia said...

Love it, love it,love it. You go girl. Your photography shows huge improvement and you equitation is getting there. Keep on, keeping on. As for me, I know there's a ribbon(buckle)in this for you. I can hardly wait to hear more details.