Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Final Show Results

Better late than never!  Once done at the show, the wonderful show hubby had my tackroom emptied and loaded in the trailer before I knew it.  Now, that's service!  He was in a hurry to get on the road because he wanted to stop at Camping World on the way home.  Anyway, the last day at the show went about the same as the first 2.  At least we are consistant.  We did move up in walk-trot to 4th. place.  5th. in Green, and the usual mini meltdown for Novice Amateur.  Back to church for the GJA and holding it together for the Select class enough to get the usual 5th.  Class was larger however so all in all, I was still really pleased with the big guy.  Next month, I am sure will be even bettter!
No photos, hubby only took video.  After we get all the chores caught up I should have time to edit some and put it up.  Yesterday I spend 6 hours mowing the yard and around the barn.  Rain was due in the middle of the night and I knew it would be too wet to mow for several more days.  Sorry Maia, California weather headed your way.

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Maia said...

Thanks, that's so sweet of you, you really shouldn't. There's nothing I love more than those torrential downpours, that turn my backyard into the Dismal Swamp and everything else into a sea of mud. Gee, I am so excited. NOT lol.

Anyway, it sounds like you did really well. Give your guy some time to get used to the whole thing and then those other compeditors had better watch out. I'm looking forward to seeing your video.