Thursday, April 22, 2010

Horse Show!!!

Well, it's that time again.  3 day horse show.  I really like these since they give the GJA a chance to settle in and do a good job.  We went to a day show on Sunday and to my amazement, he did really well.  It was worth the trip.
Soooo, we got all cleaned up, and of course that meant the GJA.  I get as wet as he does.

Then, we get the trailer out and get it ready.

Notice anything funny?

Abby the barn kitty having a kitty bath on the trailer.  She really thinks she owns everything.

Anyway, then off to our favorite feed store, Lizzy's.  We take all our visiting friends there for a shopping trip.  It's owned by super nice folks.  They gave us a gift that we thought was perfect for our trailer.  What do you think?

It might be more believeable if she didn't wear 

Will keep you posted on the show!


Maia said...

Your pictures are perfectly exposed and great. Here's hoping you come back with all kinds of ribbons(buckles).

Lil Mama said...

Don't let the clothes fool ya. That dog will lick you to death.

Good Luck

Vaquerogirl said...

I love that sign!!!
The bad ass owner is kinda cool too!