Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Has Sprung! That Means...TEAM SORTING!!!!!!

Yippee!  Today was the first day of team sorting practise.  I took the Giant Jack Ass just to school since we are going to show next week.  Hubby didn't think that working cows would be really a good idea for the HUS horse.  Anyway, once I get my little paint cowpony tuned up you will know where I'll be on Saturdays.

Here is Keith and Tillie splitting a pair.

Our good friend on her 24 year old TWH.  She is a high school teacher and she hollers and cusses at the cows.  She is a riot!

School teachers hubby.  Also a Sheriff's Posse member.  Has been known to have a good time wherever he is.

And, Sonny, aka Giant Jack Ass, just chillin' at the trailer.  He got off easy!

Stay tuned for all the show happenings starting on Thursday!
Happy Trails!

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The Wife said...

I love to do the sortin' at the ranch rodeos. I tend to yell too.