Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gathering Cattle!

We went out to gather cattle today for a friend.  We always have fun.  Our neighbor came along for the ride on "his" horse Julie.  Julie is really my hubby's back up horse, but Dave rides her quite a bit.  The reality is that Julie likes Dave better. 

So here are the ladies that we have lured to the pen to sort the ones needed to go to the sale.  All goes smoothly and then we are off to gather up a cow and calf that has gone through the fence to the neighbors  pasture.

And off we go!  That's me dressed like the unibomber on Annie, my FAT cowpony.  It was pretty chilly!  Dave in the background and the tip of Tillie's ear.  Really it is just an excuse for a trail ride.

We made it back with the wayward lady and baby and all is well. We will be back to gather more before you know it.


Lil Mama said...

Oh boy. Nothing like a loma rica cattle drive.

The Wife said...

You didn't look like the unibomber! LOL! I seem to live in a hoodie during the cold months.

Vaquerogirl said...

You forgot to wait for us!
We are a vital part of that Loma Rica Cattle Drive ya know!
Unibomber! Hahahaha!

Denisarita said...

This time is was Nancys, by Lizzys Feed. Not the usual Loma Rica drive to grandma's house.