Sunday, March 28, 2010

Show Results!

Well, the show is over and we made it home in one piece.  "There's no place like home!"  The show was a total sucess!  Vacquero Girl and Lil Mama brought home buckles, and KBG WON the Championship buckle for her class.

The GJA tried really hard for him and considering that it is his first show english I was really happy with his performance.  All in all we finished 9th.  Not too bad for a first timer.  I have some good photos, but the camera is somewhere in the trailer. 


Maia said...

What do you mean not too bad, for a first timer your performance was wonderful. Well done. English riding is tough. I think you did great.

PS: Your photographs are superb.

Vaquerogirl said...

He looks great! So do you! I like him so much better in the English classes! A few more shows to season him up a little and I'll bet you'll win a buckle too!