Saturday, October 16, 2010

Husband's STILL Home, but it's all good.

Yes, the hubby is still home and hasn't had his knee surgery yet.  He hobbles around getting more done lame in one day than most guys get done in a week.  We are getting ready for winter around here, it's gonna be here before we know it.  This year he decided to add more shade cloth on the arena to block out more wind and keep it drier once the rains hit.  Remember, he has a bum knee.

He welded the frame to the beams to lace the curtains to.
Pretty smart..

Needless to say the arena was out of commission for a few days.

Even Wednesday was wondering what was up

It took a few days, but it was all worth it!

Our new motto "Every Day Is A Ride Day!"

Also means that Penny Pinscher has a huge indoor play yard!

She is just sure it's all about her!


Vaquerogirl said...

That is FANTASTIC!!!!!
Can't wait to ride in it, how cozy it will be!!
Now for those big heat lamps, you know, to keep us all toasty in FEbruary....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That is just fabulous! I'm so envious....but happy for you all!

Love that last photo. hehe!