Friday, October 22, 2010

Get your cold weather gear out!

Winter is coming.  We are gonna get hit with the first rain of the season. 
Am I sorry?  No, not really.  Irrigation is going to be cut off soon, so rain is a good thing.

You can also tell that winter is coming by Penny Pinschers wardrobe.
She LOVES her polar fleece.
Here is her new outfit I made her this afternoon.

You gotta love Wall-mart remnants.
She hates to be cold..

This is the pool and cabana in the good weather...
Next week the cabana tent will be all closed up with
everything from the yard in storage.
I hate that part....

Well, anyway... Come on Winter!
We aren't scared!


Tj and Mark said...

Gorgeous pool. We are excited for the rain and winter too, but we don't get much snow.

Vaquerogirl said...

How cute is Penny!! She'll be warm and toasty while Lola is shivering and pathetic!
I hate the part where the cabana gets closed for winter- but on the brighter side, your arena is now almost fully enclosed ant that will make winter riding that much better!

Maia said...

Ahh, is that Penny a cutie patootie or what. Four feet of snow has made me a tad nervous about winter, but I'm getting ready.

Kellie said...

WOW! Love your cabana and pool area!

Lil Mama said...

It's a good thing you have a covered arena. We may have to come over and ride.