Friday, November 12, 2010

Emu Herding

Really, I don't make this stuff up.
Hubby & I were working on the arena today when I notice an Emu running loose with a couple of
people trying to wrangle it back to it's own pasture.  Looks pretty well handled so I head up to
the house to check on lunch.  I am only gone for FIVE minutes and when I come back, there are at least
7 people trying to herd up the critter, now in the neighbors pasture and it is now headed for ours!  They can go through almost
any fence!  So now of course it is in our pasture.  Our horses were all too eager to help.  Darn cow horses!
The head Emu wrangler managed to get the sucker lassoed and his buddy got a loop
on it's feet.  I guess they are pretty dangerous.  Long story short, the outcome wasn't good.
They got it caught alright, but, then it dropped dead.  Just a little too much activity for it's ticker.
I felt bad for the lady, but all I could think of was just how big of a turkey fryer you would need to cook it.
The biggest bummer...  No Camera!
Only in Loma Rica can you see this kind of stuff.


Vaquerogirl said...

Lil Mama wrangled an Emu here on the Franklin Road No 1, the trail, and after they got it in it's cage- it expired too. (If this story is somehow in-accurat just chalk it up to my old age) Lil Mama will know the whole story. I guess they die because their hearts beat too fast and they die! WEIRD! At least it didn't get into your house- bats and emu's don't mix!
PS better keep a camera in your tack room from now on!

Lil Mama said...

Not true. Martinez also had a bit of an Emu issue for a while. It was runnin loose up behind Franklin Canyon Stables while I had Bob there about a million years ago (Little known fact; Bob and I are quite the emu wranglers)
Same thing happened. Some folks got to chasin it and right when they got it in the trailer it dropped dead. Kinda like them little rabbits you got around your place.