Friday, September 3, 2010

Girls Weekend In The Middle Of The Week!

I have had a wonderful couple of days!
Vaquerogirl and her trusty steed Desi came to visit and play.
We had lots to do.  The wonderful hubby was working around the big barn
installing a new septic system.  We all helped, even Penny Pinscher.

Penny loves to go for a ride, even if it's in a backhoe.

Vaquerogirl and Hubby are discussing how deep to go.

And here she is with the trusty measure stick for the laser level.
I hate that job.

It wasn't all work, we managed to get in some pony time the next morning before
Max the shoer came. 

Mr. Desi practised his  trail obstacles and then got brave and did the
"car wash".

After a couple of trips, he did it like a pro!

Good trail pony!

We were having so much fun that the time flew by and the next thing we knew,
Max was here to shoe.  That takes all day since there are 11 horses.
By now, it was getting hot, so we changed into swim gear and hit the pool.
Every so often we had to head back to the barn to switch horses for Max, and
Vaquerogirl had the outfit for that.

Ya, I was gonna post the picture, but it would be mean.
Just imagine a swim suit with ostrich cowboy boots.
Says it all!

And then then next morning, as if we haven't had enough fun, we loaded up
some heifers to take to the sale.  A quick stop at the Black Bear restaurant
for breakfast and then off to see the girls sell.
The time went too fast and we headed back to the ranch so Vaquerogirl
could load up and head back to her house.  Sniff, sniff.
I miss her already.....


Maia said...

You guys are having entirely too much fun.

Lil Mama said...

Thank goodness you guys practiced the car wash. you never know when you may need to clean your horse up.

Vaquerogirl said...

Yippee! I never get to see myself riding! I'm so cute!! And so is Dedi!

ANd THANK YOU for leaving something to the imagination- the pic of me in the swim suit would have just made me - eh unhappy...
Thanks for the super duper good time!!!!
word verification is WOOKSK- I think that is what I ran over on the way home- a WOOKSK!

Kellie said...

What fun. Love the arena you ride in and that car wash is fantastic.