Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boris and Doris

Yesterday we delivered Chip to his new home. GASP! I know, we never really sell any horses, they're all mine. He went to my cousins "Boris and Doris". Boris is ready to move up to a new level and this colt has the best temperment in the world. Boris is a VERY busy guy, and Chip is pretty laid back. I think the combo will really work out.

Doris and Boris just bought a BEAUTIFUL new home complete with horse facilities. Chip is going to be really happy here. These are his new friends, Buddy and Lucky.

Along with the colt, Doris and Boris also bought our used manure spreader. It was an interesting load, spreader in the front of the stock trailer and colt in the back. Some assembly required. For the spreader, not the colt. My loving husband bought me this spreader for Christmas one year. The BEST Christmas present EVER! Only you other gals that clean stalls will get this. And since he still loves me, he bought me a new improved edition to keep me rolling.

After some instruction, Doris is off to give it a try.

Looks like she already has the hang of it! And there you go, Doris and Boris out spreading S**t.

1 comment:

Vaquerogirl said...

Yeah! The cutest gelding in the world went to his new forever home! GREAT!
I know that Boris will love love love him!
Looks like a really nice place! Can't wait to see it for myself- I feel a party coming on!